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Move your hand around the handle so that your heel and index knuckle are on bevel 3 and you will be demonstrating an eastern forehand grip. This was used by the legendary Pete Sampras, and Roger Federer also employs something similar, although he may actually be part way between bevels 3 and 4.

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Tennis forehand technique, how to stay loose like Roger Federer.In this video, LTA Senior Performance coach Simon Konov of Top Tennis Training will explain i...

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Learn how loose your grip and wrist should be while hitting your shots // Wondering how tight or loose to hold you racquet? How to get a perfect racquet lag?...

The "Best" Forehand Grip - Which Grip Should You Really Use?

One reason why the continental forehand grip has almost completely disappeared in modern-day tennis is because of the added importance of topspin in today’s game. 40 years ago, the equipment they were using just wasn’t geared to creating topspin, and so they never had to worry about freeing up the wrist to create spin.

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http://thetennisvault.com Mauro Marcos reveals a PRICELESS tennis tip that will help you hit your shots with power, accuracy and 'feel'.

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The process of changing your grip from a forehand to a backhand grip should eventually be completely unconscious and automatic. If you’re not changing the grip with your non-dominant hand or you’re still struggling with finding the right grip, then I suggest you practice that at home.

Tennis Forehand Tip : The Relaxed Arm Pro Secret

Forehand Grip Tip. First thing to do for having a relaxed arm on the tennis forehand is using the right grip pressure. On a 1-10 point scale with 1 being no tension and 10 being very tense, you don’t want to grip the racquet tighter than a 4. Thus, see if you can hold the racquet lightly as you start your swing.

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Keeping the grip loose will help with power potential by ensuring the racket creates a lag as the upper body uncoils on the forward swing. A relaxed grip also helps with topspin by allowing the racket to dip below the wrist, ensuring an upward swing to the ball. Keep Contact Out in Front. Proper contact is critical for developing an awesome forehand.

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