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Line Calls. A.) Each player is responsible for making calls on his side of the court; B.) A ball touching any part of the line is good; C.) The opponent should always be given the benefit of the doubt and any ball that cannot be called out should be called good; D.) A player should not call a let on a ball that he is unsure of: it is either in or out; E.)

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Tennis Rules Pop Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Basic Tennis Rules and Etiquette 1. Tennis Rules Pop Quiz Go ahead, test yourself to see how well you know the rules! 2. #1 What’s the first thing you should do when you and your opponent lose track of the score in a game? (a) Go back... 3. The Answer ...

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There are many courtesies, or unspoken rules of etiquette in tennis. For example, if there is any doubt in calling a ball out of bounds, keep playing. replay the point. tell the referee. Q. A series of balls hit after a bounce in the game of tennis is known as a. Q. An interference or hinderance during a game is known as a.

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D. serving or receiving. Chair Umpire Test 2. Chair Umpire Test 2. Chair umpire is the final authority on all matters regarding a tennis match. The Chair Umpire quiz below tests your knowledge on the rules and history or tennis. This quiz can also be taken by non-tennis fans as well. Enjoy.

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Basic Tennis Etiquette. Call the Score. If you’re serving, make sure to call the score before every point. This not only lets your opponent know you’re ready to serve, but ... Respect the Neighbors. Fair Warmups. Don’t Play Out Serves. Question Only Once.

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While sticking to a bunch of rules about how to behave on a tennis court might sound stuffy and old-fashioned, tennis etiquette actually makes the sport more enjoyable. Good tennis etiquette won’t give you a bigger serve or a more accurate backhand but it will make you more fun to share a court with.


S. Etiquette: 1. Always be polite and thoughtful of opponents. 2. If your ball rolls into another person’s court, wait until the rally there is over and call for “help please”. “Thanks” when the ball is returned. 3. Stop, but don’t return a service fault. Be certain that the server has two balls for each play. 4.

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Take this fun manners and etiquette quiz and find out your Etiquette I.Q.! There are no trick questions in this quiz. Just keep in mind that etiquette is sometimes counterintuitive. Most of all, have fun — and compare your score to the scores of your friends, coworkers, and family members! Modern Manners and Etiquette Quiz! Test Your ...

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We put together 14 etiquette quizzes – each 10 questions long to test your knowledge on all things etiquette. Each etiquette quiz is 10 questions long. At the end you will get a summary the result and an explanation on why a certain question was either right or wrong. Click on the links at the end of the etiquette quiz to read up on the article. Leave a comment and suggest other options or let us know if you would like to see another etiquette quiz.