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How does Handicap Betting work in Basketball?

Handicap Betting is a bet in which the bookmaker equips the house-high favorite with a fictitious lead. In basketball, this is done by adding a certain amount of points to the weaker side. At the end of the match, the points will be added to the match outcome.

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The Handicap basketball betting number often displayed as either – or + a figure, such as -6.5 or +6.5 points is factored into the final results to determine the match’s results for the purpose of the wager. This means that the handicap outcome is at times different from the true result.

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In-Play Handicap Betting. The emergence of in-play betting has been seen across many sports including basketball. Handicap basket lines will go in play, and these will change depending on how the game is going. Again, this means shopping around as both the lines and odds will be different depending on your bookmaker.

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If you bet Genoa +1 Goals, your bet will win if Genoa at least get a draw. But if you bet Genoa +2 Goals, you can afford for them to actually lose the match by a one goal margin. They could lose 1-0, 2-1, 3-2 etc and with the +2 goal handicap, your bet still wins.

What Is Handicap Betting And How Does Handicap Betting Work?

The European Handicap bets for the same game work in the following way: Each team is given a handicap, either positive or negative. For example, for a -2 handicap for Liverpool, the odds for the above scenarios are the following: Home win: 8.50, draw 6,00 and away win 1,20. This simply means that Liverpool start the game with -2 goals.

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How Does Handicap Betting Work? Placing handicap bets online is very easy. The process is no different than placing any other wager. All you need to do is find a handicapped match to bet on and click on the odds. The selection will be added to your slip immediately, and the system will calculate the payout.

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The Money man explains exactly how handicap betting works.

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How does Handicap Betting work in Basketball? As a sport, basketball is extremely popular which is why almost all bookmakers offer markets for it. When it comes to betting on it, basketball handicap markets are among the most popular bet types.